Why Zero Ridge and Lohberger cookers

Zero Ridge was setup, when several employees of Euroheat, joined forces  to continue the biomass story that we had started over 30 years previously. Zero Cookers is one arm of the Zeroridge Group which includes leisure activities such as Bikes, Solar Thermal and of course Biomass boilers and space heaters.

Lohberger Logo

Why buy Lohberger?

The brand Lohberger is synonymous with innovative design, the embracement of new technologies have lead to products that are unrivalled in their class.

With a Lohberger cooker your options to create the perfect wood burning cooker for your home are endless. Each model is made bespoke to your requirements, enabling you to choose the exact model and detail that suits your home.

Lohberger Carat cooker

Trendsetting. For more than 85 years!

Lohberger his renowned for its close and individual partnerships that they have formed with their customers since 1925 and has been the leading manufacturer in the core markets in Austria, Germany and Switzerland for many years.

Based in Schalchen (Upper Austria), the company has always been committed to innovation in both sectors “Wood stoves for domestic use” and “Canteen kitchens for professional use”. Thanks to this approach now the brand Lohberger is synonymous with first-rate products and prime quality “Made in Austria” at an international level.

However, keeping up traditions also means encouraging innovations and embracing new technologies. Consequently Lohberger is at the forefront when it comes to research and development.

Qualified members of staff, modern production systems and reliable business partners make sure that things run smoothly from the design to the manufacture and finally to the installation. Due to an ingenious logistic system the appliances can be delivered within the shortest space of time.