What is a wood burning cooker?

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A wood burning cooker is simply a cooker that burns logs or wood pellets in a fire box and transfers the heat to the oven and hot plates on the top of the appliance, some cookers also have a water jacket to provide hot water for central heating.

Minimum environmental load

Purer combustion reduces the strain on the environment, both in terms of reduced consumption of resources, but also in terms of reduced smoke and particles. The more efficiently a fire burns the fewer C02 emissions are produced. Less fuel is used. Less heat is lost.

The patented Jetfire system from Lohberger gives more output from the wood.

Two features make all the difference; firstly, the flames are focussed directly above the combustion chamber; secondly, they are mixed with fresh air to ensure the fuel is burned at temperatures of up to 1,200°C, leaving virtually no residue.

The wood burning appliances use fuel in the form of wood logs, wood pellets or both.

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