Designer 6kW black log burner with 55 kg of heat storage stone cladding

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SIMPLE AIR air control 
Comfort in Heating by the SIMPLE AIR air control
Room air independent  

Elegant fully glazed massive cast door
This ensures the perfect flame pattern is always on view thanks to the clean glass technology
Removable door handle for more security 
Soft close system 
Elegant, gentle closing the heating door thanks to the Soft close systems

Proven Lohberger quality 
through the best workmanship and extremely hard wearing surface finishing

  • Ceramic coated Firebox
  • Glass top plate

Other features
Discrete ash drawer 
Large storage area under the stove.

Heat storage
55 kg of stone wraps the stove and emits heat after the stove has gone out


Technical specification  
Fuel type Seasoned wood
Nominal heat output 6kW
Maximum heat output 8.5 kW
Efficiency rating to CE13240 net 80.9% A+
Flue outlet 150 mm
Weight 160-170 kg
Loading door opening size 352 x 416mm


Integrated 4kW hot water boiler for the Carat model
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