Wood Pellet Cookers

Lohberger LCP80 wood cooker

The Varioline LCP range of cookers are basically the LC log burning cookers with the addition of a pellet module, turning the log stove into a dual fuel pellet and log stove.  This gives the advantage of been able to light the log combustion chamber remotely using pellets or alternatively you can just run on pellets.   

Pellet module

There is nothing worse than a cold kitchen early in the morning or after a long day at work. With the patented pellet module, Lohberger have created an automatic cooker that can be heated with wood or pellets. This means it can automatically light from timer, clock settings or App

Touch screen

The advanced touch screen controller of the Lohberger pellet module provides state of the art control to your cooker. From simply switching on and off, to setting your required heating times for each day of the week, the touch control makes it simple and intuitive.

Lohberger LCP80 wood cooker

Pellet hopper

The pellet hopper holds approximately 15 kg of pellets and should last approximately 24 hours in cold weather or several days in warmer weather.


Using a timer the pellet burner automatically ignites the wood placed in the firebox and then shuts down after the heating up phase is complete. Once the firewood has burnt down and if no further firewood is added the pellet module starts automatically to meet the heat demand.

Wood pellet biomass fuel
Lohberger smart phone app

Lohberger App

Enjoy total remote control from your mobile or tablet. Simply load you cooker with wood and start remotely or set the timer to have your cooker at the right temperature when you arrive home. Connection for hard wiring to router as standard.

Hot Water Boiler Option

A 4kW water boiler can be added to certain models ensuring a maximum return on your investment.

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Lohberger LCP80 wood cooker
Wood Pellet Cookers

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