Cook Me

Log burner with ceramic hotplate

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The latest innovation from the Lohberger think tank - Cook Me is a log burner that incorporates a ceramic hot plate on top of the stove.

The bake me with its versatile ceramic hot plate, is ideal for everyone.

So while you are keeping cozy and warm, you can use the hot plate to cook stews and many other dishes

Design features

Combination heating and cooking stove

High efficiency

Ceramic top plate (Cook Me)

Log storage in base


Technical specification Cook me Bake me
Fuel type Seasoned wood Seasoned wood
Nominal heat output 7kW 6kW
Maximum heat output 8.5 kW 7.5 kW
Efficiency rating to CE13240 net 81.2% 82.1%
Flue outlet 130 mm 130 mm
Weight 118.5 kg 135 kg


Integrated 4kW hot water boiler for the Carat model
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